Loyalty Programs

Most Successful Loyalty Programs To Date

Loyalty programs help companies improve their customers’ experience. As a company, a loyalty program is a win-win for you if you do it right. Customers become more interested in shopping when they know they can get something meaningful as a reward for their patronage at no cost. 

Customers feel good getting rewarded for choosing to patronize a brand they trust. Loyalty and rewards programs aim to achieve customer’s ultimate satisfaction making sure they are happy with their transactions. 

Most of the top-ranked businesses secure that seat through loyalty marking programs. By implication, those still wallowing below the line might be those that didn’t take loyalty marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategies. 

If you want to launch a worthwhile loyalty program, it is better to learn from the best. Here are a few most successful loyalty programs that got it right. I notably included each loyalty program’s specific set of mechanics to show you what differentiates them from other competitors.

Loyalty Programs

Most successful loyalty programs to date

1. Swarovski’s loyalty program

Swarovski is an Austrian-based company with over 3,000 stores scattered across 170 countries. Swarovski has one of the oldest loyalty programs. The company operates a successful loyalty program that offers members greater gifts and rewards.

The company’s loyalty program (Be Swarovski) offers:

  • 20% voucher for customers that spends over $300 in one calendar year. 
  • A loyalty gift voucher for customers that spends over $600 in one calendar year.
  • A birthday surprise 
  • Fashion news 
  • Invitations to sneak peek and exciting design previews. 
  • Access to new collections and saving for members only.

How to sign up for Be Swarovski 

If you already have an account on the company’s website, you only need to scroll down below the address and fill in your Be Swar5voski membership details. When you are done filling the form, click save. You will get an instant notification that your details have been registered.

Mechanics of Swarovski loyalty program

Swarovski is a luxury brand. Hence, it luxuriously designed its program to maintain that perception. Due to the exclusive rewards, the loyalty program seems more enticing than compelled to customers. Based on personal evidence, most customers join the loyalty program without any persuasion from the brand.

2. Sephora’s loyalty program

Sephora is a France-based chain store supplying beauty products. The chain combines more than 2300 retail stores that offer various beauty products from top-notch brands throughout 33 countries. Sephora’s merchandise includes skincare, makeup, perfume, and anything that can give humans an irresistible appearance. 

Sephora launched its loyalty program – Sephora Beauty Insider – in 2007. Every customer that patronizes any of these stores has the opportunity to earn points and tiers. Spending $1 for Sephora equals making 1 point. When customers earn enough points, they have access to redeem their rewards. These rewards are usually exclusive products samples diving users three tiers.

Points requiredFree3501000
Birthdays gifts
Rewards Bazaar
Access to the Beauty insider community 
Free Beauty Classes 
Monthly gifts 
Free Custom Makeovers1x
2-day delivery on all orders 
Private hotline 
Invitations to exclusive events 

How to sign up for Sephora Beauty insider

It’s easy to sign up for this loyalty program. Any interested user will have to visit Sephora’s website, any of the stores, or use mobile apps and fill in a short application form. 

Mechanics of the loyalty program 

When you sign up for Sephora’s loyalty program, you gain access to the Beauty Insider Community, where you and other members can share advice, opniio0ns, and exchange product reviews. This community of users helps each member to have a better knowledge of the products and improve usability.

In this platform, members can interact through:

  • Displaying of products’’ pictures 
  • Joining group 
  • Participating in the platform’s events
  • Engaging in conversations
Loyalty Programs

3. Gilt’s loyal program 

Gilt is a US-based online store. The company is popularly known for its huge daily sales, access to top-notch designer merchandise, and steep discounts. Gilt offers a wide assortment of products such as clothes, home décor, and more. 

The company launched its loyalty program, Gilt’s insider, in 2009. Their loyalty program also divides users into four tiers according to the number of points they earn.

Earning points in Gilt’s loyalty program is simple. Each customer gets $5 for spending 41 and gets 25 points for referring a new customer. 

How to sign up to Gilt’s Insider 

Sign up for Gilt’s Insider is as well easy as earning points. Users only need to register via the company’s website or mobile app to become members of the program automatically. 

Mechanics of Gilt’s loyalty program

The gilts loyalty program focuses more on a selected group of users regarded as the most loyal shoppers giving them easy and early access to their products. The highest tier of their loyalty program – Noir – is tough to get, but it offers incredible benefits to any user that can make it. Noir members have access to exclusive invitations to private events, an hour sales preview, waitlist priority, and satisfactory customer service. 

These mouth-watering benefits trigger most customers. They are always eager to climb to the highest tier after being more loyal to the company in terms of consistent patronage. 

4. Sigma’s loyalty program

Sigma is a US-based cosmetics company. The company was established in 2008, producing only makeup brushes. Thanks to its loyalty program, the company has extended its business tentacles to serve a broader customer base across different countries. 

Sigma launched its loyalty program Sigma PRO to serve selected beauty professionals. The loyalty program offers a considerable discount on all the brand’s merchandise. The program’s benefits include a sigma PRO card, exclusive information to only members of the program, and $10 for referring a friend.

How to sign up for the Sigma PRO loyalty program 

The following are the four categories of beauty professionals who can qualify:

  • VIP: Users can join strictly by invitation. Professionals in this categories may include celebrity, fashion experts, and more
  • Working makeup artists 
  • Students 
  • Creative professionals

Mechanics of sigma PRO loyalty program 

Sigma establishes this program to motivate consumers to spend more on makeup products. Sigma PRO combines with Pink Perks, which enables the company to get a hold of every client type. 

5. EB Games’ loyalty program

EB Games is a US-based c computer and video game selling company established in 1977. The company started selling calculators and later expanded to selling computers, video games, software, and game accessories.

The EB Games loyalty program called ‘The Edge’ rewards users on points. Users earn points on every purchase. The rewards system is as follows:

  • 1 point for buying a brand new product for $1
  • 2 points for purchasing a recycled product 
  • 2 points for trading used products @ $1
  • 20 points for pre=ordering any product 
  • 100 points for completing the EB Games profile 

How to sign up

Users can sign up in stores or online. Membership is free.

Establishing a loyalty program will give your business a complete turnaround. However, it might take time, but the rewards worth the time and effort.

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